Won the Litquakes

Orale, etc, my story “How My Hide Got Color” won the Litquakes.  Currently this news is being shouted Occupy style throughout the many worlds.  Lisen close.  Hmm. You can hear this story, as well as a short piece from my novel The Ramona Diary of SRD (I’m coming upon completing a new, new version that still needs, needs to be published) at Writers on the Verge: Litquake Writing Contest Winners at the Elbo Room (was the Make Out Room, don’t go there) on October 8th at 6pm. 

The next week after that my writing group–Blanca Torres, Jenny Irizary, and Lisa Gray–is reading at Litcrawl under the title ‘Brown People Don’t Read?’.  We’ve performed at Litcrawl and Beastcrawl for many years and it’s always a good show, proving brown writers do have an audience and it not just brown.


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