Omens on Tiny Donkey

Tiny Donkey is an online magazine that posts “brief essays from fairyland.” The essays are short, odd, and personal. They deal with fairy tales and what they might be telling us.

The topics and tales are pretty far ranging.  I recall being a preteen in the ’80s and a kid a couple years older with Oakley blades, a crispy frosted mullet, surf t-shirt and bad sunburns saying, “I’m stoked,” and wondering what the hell he meant. Did stoked mean high? Was someone stabbing him with an iron? Was he hot and heavy, just sitting there during lunch? No, he was happy! Which I am because my piece The Omen of Two-Heads is on Tiny Donkey.

Obviously, I like the kind of writing on Tiny Donkey and it’s good to be published there.


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