Four Flash Finally!


Wachale, you’re stepping in the truth, Mulder!

Thanks to the artist, Rusty Fernandez. 


Four of my flash pieces (Beacon, Old Folks, Her Number, Bad Sun) are going to be in the upcoming Latinx Archive anthology of speculative fiction.  Not only am I happy to have some publications (I spend most of my time staring like a wide eyed goblin clicking refresh on gmail for responses) it’s an honor to be included, especially as Ernest Hogan’s work is also appearing in the anthology.

I’m looking forward to this anthology, I love scifi and Latino scifi in particular.  In most mainstream science fiction we native and mestizos are meant to be the monsters to be overcome (I haven’t seen Extinction yet, but I’m betting Michael Peña is a robot).  The monsters in rubber suits or blue exotic come hither CGI.

I’ve written about such things before and one piece from my novel in regrettably still in progress spoke on it:

If you are interested in Latina/o/x scifi, check out the first Latina Rising, which I reviewed here:




And if you are a Latina/o/x writer yourself, check out the Speculative Fiction contest at Somos en escrito, judged by aforementioned father of Chicano scifi, Ernest Hogan:

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