One Hour Writing Exercise

The good editors at Unstamatic invited me to submit a flash piece to be the starter for the issue of Visual Verse they are guest editing.  Visual Verse is an online magazine that has a writer exercise/challenge writers respond to for each issue.

Going off the image by , you have one hour to write a flash piece.  I wrote something like 6 or 7. (Which reminds me of a Peep Show episode where Jez and Super Hans berate their band mate Barney: “How long can it take to make 3 minutes of Music?” “6 minutes, max.” “And that is being generous.”) Of course, the one I had in mind didn’t work out, I wrote it twice, then switched to something else awful, wrote some more and came out with 3 that were okay.  From those I and the editor chose the one at Visual Verse.

Mine entry is “Blood-Drenched Luck” at the bottom.

Sign up for their newletter too:

….and if you are looking for a writing contest that is free and has fabulous prizes (and you’re native or Latinx), check out Somos en escrito’s 2nd Annual Extra-Fiction Contest judged by the Father, god father, all father of Xicanx Sci-fi, Ernest Hogan.  I’m quite a fan of his books, Smoking Mirror Blues, High Aztech, and pretty much anything else he writes.






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