The Ramona Diary of SRD
Do the mysteries and Romance of Spanish California yet intrigue you? Does the ranting of a mind driven mad by half-breedery appeal to you? Have you ever heard of Ramona? Read then, the novel The Ramona Diary of SRD, a memoir and fantastical diary in the tradition of the Spanish Californian tour and experience the reclaiming of the many myths of the Californios.

The Black Button
A flash novel/chapbook follows a second person character who seems to have odd mutations and his experience with an arcade like button that brings or reveals change, violence, and the unreal. Time and space play a big role in twisting his understanding of the world around him and his condition as the strange, the other, the mutant or alien.

The Bifurcated Half-breed and Other Suffocating (love) Conditions

A short story collections where characters use weapons of fantasies in the midnight pillow smother of relationships.

Below are in Progress. Above seeks representation, publication, dissemination, and lots of hand clapping.

Why Me: narratives of idiosyncrasy
Why Me is a collection of stories that makes a narrative of my characteristics in the manner of ‘Why stories’, native American (and other cultural tales) that seek to explain the world with narrative. And so, I explain my eccentric habits or even hidden parts of self with narratives. I tell both memoir and mythic stories of my body such as Why I Have a Hawk Nose and How I Got My Color. Aspects of my personality get explained in Why I Built the Despair Ray or Why I Get the Good Stuff For Free. I tell why I dislike spiders in the fantasy Why I Killed The Spider Queen and my odd behavior in Why I Flap My Arms.

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