Reading on Saturday July 16, 2016

I’m reading in Brown People Don’t Read? again at Beast Crawl.  Brown People Don’t Read? is in the third leg at the AU Lounge and it should be fun.  If I can get something new finished, it’ll be all new, otherwise, newish.

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Attention Faithful Hordes!

No, no, put the laser guns back into their hideyholes, it’s not time for the revolution just yet.  Our word has spread to the pages of two very wise and tasteful literary journals!

A short memoir piece “The Car” crashes in Dogwood:

And our forces have taken Spain via translation provided by the poet Dr. Carlota Caulfield in the pages of Canibaal with the story “How My Hide Got its Color” or “De como mi piel tomo su color.”

Get as many copies as you dare!

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My flash piece, Chicano Time Machine, is out on Label Me Latina/o

100 words, will take you 30 seconds to read!! Read it while performing surgery!

Direct link to pdf:

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Once More Into The Flash

The Name and Me

There have always been two Scott Duncans: one the clerks, police, any administration think lies cut in the alley out back, wallet stolen, who calls upon all of white America to defend him, and the brown master criminal now trying to buy a coffee for a dollar twenty five, but has to wait because the clerk is squinting her eyes at the name and me, the name and me, the name and me.

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Yet Another Flash

This is one of the pieces I read at Beastcrawl.  Long story short, I used to work the Mystery section of a used bookstore.

Robot Vampire Cat Ethnic BDSM LGBT Romance Cake With Fruit Mystery

Certainly Pickles the kitty could solve the murder of the pretty lesbian dominatrix stabbed and suffocated face-down in cake–a strawberry Charlotte–if she wished it, but most of Pickles’ needs were met since her robotic parts required blood, and blood was everywhere at the shanty in the barrio she had been carried to from atop her corporate temple. In the din of pleas of the victim’s crying butch girlfriend dressed in a leather harness, Pickles mused the real mystery, her real need, as she licked the vic’s blood off her chromed forepaw, where can a sista find true love?

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Chicano Time Machine accepted at Label Me Latina/o

The wonderously friendly and insightful editors at Label Me Latina/0 are publishing my flash piece, Chicano Time Machine, in their Fall edition.  I love the diverse US Latin voices they include and they’d be one of my favorite journals even if they didn’t publish my piece.

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A Flash Piece

Do You Have Any Other Stories?

She asked you if you’ve done Macando, VONA, Squaw Valley, and over pronounced Los Dos Brujas.  She said Cristina, Matt, Jimmy, Tom, Sandra, and Junot.  She talked about her oeuvre, her artistic vision is to….You interrupted.  “What story did you submit for those workshops?” “Oh, the same one from this class.” “You didn’t change anything from when I saw it like two years ago, though.  Do you have any other stories?” She looked around for someone else to talk to. You asked again.

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