Traditional Indian and Spanish Art and Documentaries

Here’s a link to an online store of Native and Spanish Folk Art, including some great pieces by my cousin Jody Armijo. There are also documentaries available there by Cindy Pickard. I have the one called On The Land about the three cultures of New Mexico (Indian, Hispano, Anglo) and ways of returning to the land for healing and traditional living. I really love it and the icing on the cake is some views of the area around Rancho Fernandez. (Family ranch on my grandfather’s side).

Cindy Pickard’s blog:
I’m interested in her upcoming film about the prison system.

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The Ramona Diary of SRD excerpt out on Somos en escrito


The clear-eyed and well-heeled folks at Somos en escrito have put up a chapter called My Heart is Bathed in Chilis from The Ramona Diary of SRD.  There are many good books to learn about there as well as some reviews.  I’m interested in reading The Mexican Flyboy myself after I wade through some books.

I’m about to put up some stories and/or essays so there’ll be less announcements and the typical writerly self-promotional stuff, “Hey I saw thing random banal thing X that reminds me of my book Y, link to buy, link to review, link to social media.” Before that, take a look at my profile on the Litquake site:

I click it numerous times an hour to inflate the traffic. (Jokes).


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Won the Litquakes

Orale, etc, my story “How My Hide Got Color” won the Litquakes.  Currently this news is being shouted Occupy style throughout the many worlds.  Lisen close.  Hmm. You can hear this story, as well as a short piece from my novel The Ramona Diary of SRD (I’m coming upon completing a new, new version that still needs, needs to be published) at Writers on the Verge: Litquake Writing Contest Winners at the Elbo Room (was the Make Out Room, don’t go there) on October 8th at 6pm. 

The next week after that my writing group–Blanca Torres, Jenny Irizary, and Lisa Gray–is reading at Litcrawl under the title ‘Brown People Don’t Read?’.  We’ve performed at Litcrawl and Beastcrawl for many years and it’s always a good show, proving brown writers do have an audience and it not just brown.


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Reading on Saturday July 16, 2016

I’m reading in Brown People Don’t Read? again at Beast Crawl.  Brown People Don’t Read? is in the third leg at the AU Lounge and it should be fun.  If I can get something new finished, it’ll be all new, otherwise, newish.

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Attention Faithful Hordes!

No, no, put the laser guns back into their hideyholes, it’s not time for the revolution just yet.  Our word has spread to the pages of two very wise and tasteful literary journals!

A short memoir piece “The Car” crashes in Dogwood:

And our forces have taken Spain via translation provided by the poet Dr. Carlota Caulfield in the pages of Canibaal with the story “How My Hide Got its Color” or “De como mi piel tomo su color.”

Get as many copies as you dare!

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My flash piece, Chicano Time Machine, is out on Label Me Latina/o

100 words, will take you 30 seconds to read!! Read it while performing surgery!

Direct link to pdf:

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Once More Into The Flash

The Name and Me

There have always been two Scott Duncans: one the clerks, police, any administration think lies cut in the alley out back, wallet stolen, who calls upon all of white America to defend him, and the brown master criminal now trying to buy a coffee for a dollar twenty five, but has to wait because the clerk is squinting her eyes at the name and me, the name and me, the name and me.

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