“Perfect Passing: How to Glow Like a Pro” Chaleur Magazine Upcoming 2018

“M’ijo Don’t Dance With No White Devil” Pithead Chapel Fall 2017

“The Bifurcated Half-Breed” Litro Magazine Fall 2017

“The Head Joaquin” Label Me Latina/o Fall 2017

“The Omen of Two Heads” Tiny Donkey Summer 2017

“How I Drove The New Mexican Death Cart” finalist in The Breakwater Review Fiction Contest 2017

“My Heart is Bathed in Chilis” excerpt from The Ramona Diary of SRD. Somos en escrito, 2016

“De como mi piel tomo su color” Canibaal, Summer 2016, translated by Carlota Caulfield

“The Car” Dogwood Summer 2016

“Chicano Time Machine”  Label Me Latina/0 Fall 2015

“Why I Mumble” Communion Literary Magazine, 2015

“Hanging” Williwaw Anthology of the Marvelous, 2015

“Get Your Own Olmecs” Ofi Press, 2015

“Mi Valedor” excerpt from novel, Somos en escrito, 2015

“Wrath of Mom” Diagram 2015
“Call Me Indio” excerpt from novel, Label Me Latina/o Fall 2014
“Captain Kirk Isn’t A Doll Like That” excerpt from novel, Label Me Latina/o Fall 2013
“Why I Built The Despair Ray” Honorary Mention 2013 Gemini Magazine Flash Fiction Contest
“White Girls That Speak Spanish Better Than Me” Label Me Latina/o Fall 2012
“Fernando’s Testimonial” excerpt from novel, Border Senses Summer 2012


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