One Hour Writing Exercise

The good editors at Unstamatic invited me to submit a flash piece to be the starter for the issue of Visual Verse they are guest editing.  Visual Verse is an online magazine that has a writer exercise/challenge writers respond to for each issue.

Going off the image by , you have one hour to write a flash piece.  I wrote something like 6 or 7. (Which reminds me of a Peep Show episode where Jez and Super Hans berate their band mate Barney: “How long can it take to make 3 minutes of Music?” “6 minutes, max.” “And that is being generous.”) Of course, the one I had in mind didn’t work out, I wrote it twice, then switched to something else awful, wrote some more and came out with 3 that were okay.  From those I and the editor chose the one at Visual Verse.

Mine entry is “Blood-Drenched Luck” at the bottom.

Sign up for their newletter too:

….and if you are looking for a writing contest that is free and has fabulous prizes (and you’re native or Latinx), check out Somos en escrito’s 2nd Annual Extra-Fiction Contest judged by the Father, god father, all father of Xicanx Sci-fi, Ernest Hogan.  I’m quite a fan of his books, Smoking Mirror Blues, High Aztech, and pretty much anything else he writes.






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Mexican American Psycho Won

The editors at Solstice Magazine selected my non-fiction piece “Mexican American Psycho is in Your Dreams” as first place.   Thanks to the judge Alex Marzano-Lesnevich and to the editors, especially Richard Hoffman for his kind words.

(In case any of you have forgotten the movie, check the clip).


I mention Richard Ramirez, Night Stalker in the essay.  My cousin Vicki recently reminded me she and a friend actually saw the Night Stalker the day before he got captured (or rather, a group of gente beat his ass as he tried to get away on a bus after being recognized again).  I remember either my mother or aunt speaking with my grandmother talking about Vicki.  Was my cousin hit by a car or something? Was she dying?  Should I have been nicer? No, Vicki saw the killer.  What killer?  The killer, the Night Stalker.  She’s upset, don’t ask her about it, cabron.  Why not? He’s escary.

I was 9 years old so I might have asked why not a few more times.  Of course I asked Vicki and don’t remember what exactly what she said. I pestered her a bit (I was her little cousin after all).  That summer, and especially when she was telling me what he looked like, I expected a guy carrying a machete to ooze over the fence and be ready to hack us up like Jason from Friday the 13th.  Do you think he knows where you live? I don’t know.  I tried to remember when me and my sister were heading back to Texas.  Maybe if Vicki stayed with us, she’d be okay.  Or would the Night Stalker would run all the way there to find her?

What if the Night Stalker did come around?  Would my grandfather with muscles from welding have beat him up and locked him up in a shed?  Would anyone call the cops?  I could imagine the neighborhood coming around poking him with sharp sticks or wanting light the shed on fire with him in it.   Or would we tie him up for a one way trip to the desert, the repository for forgetfulness, the underworld and recreation area for the minds of many Angelinos?  Would an entire train of cars follow out to see a monster suffer some fairy tale justice (making us all a bit monstrous ourselves)?

Monsters make the imagination go.  We could have easily been one of the ones and I’m glad we slipped away, were missed, looked over, survived.

Check out the Solstice issue and subscribe:

Summer 2019

And read lil’ Scotty’s essay:

Mexican American Psycho is in Your Dreams

and as long as your listening, check out Somos en escrito Literary Magazine. We had recently updated our site and it looks great. The editor is Armando Rendon, author of Chicano Manifesto and Noldo and his Magic Scooter, a dual langue YA series.  Jenny Irizary, a poet, novelist and friend is the assistant editor.  We are building up some aspects so subscribe and stay tuned.






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Reviewed Altermundos

I reviewed Altermundos, a book of criticism of Latinx scifi at Somos en escrito.  I have an inside guy there, Scott Duncan-Fernandez.

A great book to understand the unreal bad timeline era we have stranded ourselves in.


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Deadline Today

The First Annual Extra-Fiction Contest deadline is today!  Send your native and Latinx speculative fiction, check out Somo en escrito The Latino Literary Online Magazine for details:

Get in the mood with some Synthwave:


….or with rampaging robot mexicanos:


I’m a first round reviewer, I’m looking forward to it all.


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Four Flash Finally!


Wachale, you’re stepping in the truth, Mulder!

Thanks to the artist, Rusty Fernandez. 


Four of my flash pieces (Beacon, Old Folks, Her Number, Bad Sun) are going to be in the upcoming Latinx Archive anthology of speculative fiction.  Not only am I happy to have some publications (I spend most of my time staring like a wide eyed goblin clicking refresh on gmail for responses) it’s an honor to be included, especially as Ernest Hogan’s work is also appearing in the anthology.

I’m looking forward to this anthology, I love scifi and Latino scifi in particular.  In most mainstream science fiction we native and mestizos are meant to be the monsters to be overcome (I haven’t seen Extinction yet, but I’m betting Michael Peña is a robot).  The monsters in rubber suits or blue exotic come hither CGI.

I’ve written about such things before and one piece from my novel in regrettably still in progress spoke on it:

If you are interested in Latina/o/x scifi, check out the first Latina Rising, which I reviewed here:




And if you are a Latina/o/x writer yourself, check out the Speculative Fiction contest at Somos en escrito, judged by aforementioned father of Chicano scifi, Ernest Hogan:

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See my review of El Hermano, hermanos

Over on Somos en escrito, I reviewed the new book El Hermano by Carmen Baca about a boy in the 1930s growing up and becoming accepted into the Penitente Brotherhood of Northern New Mexico.

Here is a link to Carmen Baca’s author page

She also has a great story on Doña Sebastiana over at Boned:






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M’ijo Published on Pithead Chapel

Yet another chapter of my novel, The Ramona Diary of SRD, is out!  I say chapter, but vignette is better.

Cleh-que here:

M’ijo Don’t Dance With No White Devil

I’ll post up more into this void later.

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